Captive Apps 

  • Captive Apps is built with small businesses in mind...

    Our goal is to help small businesses grow, by engaging your customers through affordable mobile marketing!

    Engage a captive audience and grow your business.....

  • Welcome to the Captive Apps family, we go the extra mile to help you create a mobile experience for your business, through Mobile Apps!

    • Many Small Businesses Trust Captive Apps with their customers mobile experience, we do all the work, you reap the benefits..

    • Captive Apps is making mobile apps affordable and simple for small business..

      We take the time to understand your business and build you a complete mobile marketing strategy.

      Full support for iPhone, iPad, Android & Mobile Webapps we cover all the bases. Once your app is built you are provided a control panel from which you can change content, build coupons, send push notifications and update social marketing campaigns at any time.

    • Monthly App Giveaway and deep discount on design with a demo request.. 

      Request a demo to see what an app might look like for your business and at the same time be entered into a monthly drawing for a free Android app, at the very least get a deep discount on the design of your app for simply starting with a demo request..., check out our demo form for more information.

    • Why Choose Us

      • We leverage the #1 mobile app platform worldwide
      • We build beautiful and affordable mobile apps & mobile websites
      • Get a custom look and feel with your business logo, graphics and content
      • Advanced features not found with any other platform
      • Risk free - 100% satisfaction guaranteed